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ZAP Music presents: PHOTOS

Live at the Alhambra - 17 October 2012

l'Oratorio de la Paix 2009 Theatre Jemmapes in Paris

The Ensemble!
Lisa Arscott on "Peace, Freedom, Justice".
John Meldrum and Gilles Erhart
Julie Cavalieri sings "Yaweh"
Julie Cavalieri and Eric Francoiseau sing the coda to "Yaweh".
Florence Lombardo solos on "Happy Feet".
Paul Susen plays a solo on "Happy Feet".
Johnny Stein sings "United We Stand"
Michael Robinson and Natalie Gond sing
Michael Robinson and Natalie Gond sing "Walking a Wounded"
Michael Robinson and Jean Carpenter duet on "Forever Free".
John Meldrum finishes "Brother, Brother"
Willie Quist and Luis Arrambari on percussion.
Julie Cavalieri sings "Yaweh"
The incomparable Gilles Erhart on electric piano and organ.
Romain Bly on the trumpet and the choir
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