From the recording PEACE FREEDOM JUSTICE

Featuring Portia Manyike, Lisa Edmondson and Jessie Lee Houllier.
"Peace Freedom Justice" is a showpiece for the trio of oppressed people at the top of the show. The singers each sing their main theme at the opening and then they improvise as the choir builds in intensity and harmonic complexity. Notice that the lyrics below were provided as a jumping off point and that the singers used their own inspiration of the moment in the performance. Every performance of this song will be different depending on the venue, the occasion and the singers themselves. The theme of Freedom comes back in  "Forever Free" in Act 2 and punctuates the very end of the show in the coda of "Big City of Peace".
The narration of MLK's life was written by John Meldrum and features the voice of Curtis Robert Young.
PEACE ORATORIO  MLK Born January 15, 1929 Died April 4th, 1968   NARRATION : 70 years  after the Emancipation Proclamation was written into law by Abraham Lincoln, rascism, segregation and lynchings still plagued America. Black soldiers returning from the killing  fields in France who fought  just as hard for their country as their white brethren came home to the haunting spectre of inequality. T’was into this world that Martin Luther King, Jr. was born on January 15th, 1929.


Peace Freedom Justice
SOLO 1 There’s no
Peace in the world
(Choir)  Peace Freedom Justice
SOLO 2 There’s no Justice in the world
SOLO 3 There’s no Freedom in this world  
(Choir Evolution N° 1) Peace Freedom Justice
The oppressed must have their freedom And the oppressors their freedom too
(Choir Evolution N° 2)  Peace Freedom Justice (CLAP HANDS)
One day we will be free, free... I will be free...
Oh so free, yeah... We can break the chains of misery And find freedom,
We all need freedom
Soon we will be free, free,
Forever we will be free
(Choir The Basic)  Peace Freedom Justice