As the theme of Beethoven's "Ode to Joy" gently glides in after we sing "No Gun, No Fight, No War, No Poverty" in 3 part harmony, I always feel confident that we've done a good job and we're going to rock the public on this last song of Peace Oratorio. Ever since I worked with Disney producer Kat DeBlois on the Children's Summit in 1998 (it was Kat's idea to get 650 kids from 27 different countries standing in the audience of the UNESCO auditorium here in Paris and singing with ZONGO AMBASSADORS) I've known that this song brings rhythm and a positive message to people no matter what their age or nationalty. The music of Ghana permeates "Brother,Brother" and the universal message of living together in peace sums up the meaning and the purpose of Peace Oratorio.
NARRATION : And so, as Lincoln, Gandhi and JFK before him, Martin Luther King was brought down by the bullet of an assassin’s gun. Yet his words and actions live on in the hearts and minds of those who knew him and followed him, and also those of us who read his words and reflect on his thoughts and actions today as we continue to move forward towards the Promised Land of Liberty and Equality for all. And so it goes, and should never be forgotten that these things which we take for granted today came after many  years of suffering and sacrifice from our forebears, including their leaders who were brave enough to face down the hatred of others with love, and ultimately, find redemption for all. NO GUN, NO FIGHT, NO WAR, NO POVERTY!


Brother, Brother   NO GUN, NO FIGHT, NO WAR, NO POVERTY!   LA LA LA LA, LA LA LA LA LA LA, LA LA LA LA LA  LA LA LA, LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA…. AH   GUITAR INTRO… CLAP YOUR HANDS… then                   VERSE 1                    SHOE! (8 x)          Under the sun, Under the moon                    We breathe the air, one on one, me and you          There must be a way to live in peace            No gun, No fight, No war, No poverty   CHORUS :  Brother, Brother      Oh now we say        Sister, Sister           Oh yeah we’re gonna Find our way Brother, Brother      Night and Day                Sister, Sister             Find our way,                            Find our way…         Everybody live together                     Live in peace with one another, oh yeah    VERSE 2                    SHOE! (8 x)              Now we’ve got the earth we’ve got the the sea         And we’ve got the task to live in harmony                      You can leave your house for a new home             Travel far and wide, you’ll never be alone   CHORUS BRIDGE :                   Ooh Ah, Ooh Ah,  Our souls are one, Under the sun   Find a way, Hey, Hey, Hey!  Everybody Live Together Live in Peace with one another, oh yeah   Down in Ghana, USA, Africa, America, Everybody say SHOE!         Solo / Verse 1 again    NO GUN, NO FIGHT, NO WAR, NO POVERTY!   Double Chorus Find our way… (AD LIBS)   CODA : I said Right here and right now…   Whoa! We’re gonna learn how to live with each other…Whoa! Like a Sister and a Brother… Whoa! Yes, I said Right here and right now…Yeah! We’re gonna learn how to live with each other…Yeah! Like a Sister and a Brother…Yeah! We’re gonna… Find our way