The sight and sound of blacks and whites singing and making music together is the objective of this unique work of art. JB Meldrum's PEACE ORATORIO   is a roadmap to discovering the beauty of universal sister and brotherhood. Singing the story of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s life gives Peace Oratorio its strength. Musicians and singers of all ages, colors and creeds create a musical experience like no other. By seamlessly blending Highlife with West African Rhythms, Gospel, Reggae, Jazz and Classical music styles, Peace Oratorio breaks down barriers and shows the way to a new world, a better and safer place where all kinds of people can live together and work together IN HARMONY. The message of this music is universal love in service to building the Beloved Community so essential to Dr. King's vision.

With its community outreach program, Peace Oratorio gets people young and old singing strong while clapping along on the front line of freedom and understanding. Learning from the courage and conviction of Dr. King and everyone in the civil rights movement of the '50's and '60's, the performers and the audience get an entertaining lesson in civic education that reshapes their minds and heals their hearts to finish with racism once and for all!  Peace Oratorio has the extraordinary ability to redress the deep seated wounds of hatred and unbearable prejudice. We ask you to  support our project and start helping the healing!