From the recording 3 Songs Kids Versions

"Elegy" Guitar solo to play for school children to get them into the right frame of mind for the Peace Oratorio project.

"Elegy" Instrumentale de Guitare pour faire écouter les enfants des écoles pour sensibilisation projet Peace Oratorio.


The guitar solo « Elegy » from the Peace Oratorio is a piece of instrumental music that is reflective. I started playing this song without words during my sessions with the children in the recreation centers, and I realized that they love to listen to instrumental music! When I played it in the cavernous hall of the Salle des Fêtes for the 250 children gathered together for the dress rehearsal, there was absolute silence. It’s incredible the attention that these children brought to the music. I was so happy, so proud! We must never underestimate the capacities of children. On the contrary, we must stimulate them with rhythm and song, inspire them with the beauty of music and the lives of people such as Gandhi and Martin Luther King, and instruct them on the art of peaceful negotiation and mutually beneficial understanding.