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Featuring Ken Kuriki, Jessie Lee Houllier and Juliette Marty.
"Talk To The Angels" comes from ZONGO AMBASSADORS "Aylijah" and stands out stylistically from the other tunes in Peace Oratorio because it's more along the lines of a Pop / Soul number. I like the arrangement we came up with with the lead guy standing in front backed up by two girls forming a a triangle. Ken Kuriki is an old singing student of mine and a dedicated member of the Highlites choir for over 5 years now. He really hits his stride in the coda and does a fine job overall. I like the spiritual side of this song that never really puts a finger on exactly what the mystery of a guardian angel is : now that's what I call musical mysticism!
NARRATION : Martin was put into solitary confinement in a Birmingham, Alabama prison in April 1963 because he had led a protest march that violated a state court injunction against such marches. On April 16th, 1963 he wrote the Letter from a Birmingham Jail which later became one of his best known writings. He wrote it in response to a group of white clergymen who found him to be too radical, and who asked him to be more patient. 


Talk To The Angels Tenor Solo :   I’m all alone, seem to’ve lost my home   (Sop/Alt)        Don’t be afraid, we’ll take you there    (T)        Sometimes I feel afraid,  I need you to take me there          ‘Cause I believe in Mystery, I can Talk To The Angels    (S/A) softly         You can, you can, you can, you can     (T)                           I can listen to what they say    (S/A)                          You can, you can, you can    (T)                           Talk to the angels in my head   (S/A)  Come when things get rough, Come and talk to us (2x)     (S/A/T)                 We believe in Mystery, oh             Talk To The Angels ... you can, you can, you can     Listen to what ’ they say             Talk To The Angels ... you can, you can, you can       Listen to what ’  they say   Solo then Tutti :  Don’t you know-a when-na life gets rough     Don’t you know you gotta keep from crying    Don’t you-wa when-na things gets tough        Don’t you know you gotta keep on trying   (Soloist)       AD LIBS + TTTA duo   (S/A/T)           Talk To The Angels, Crazy, crazy  man (4X)             (Soloist)              I  can Talk To The Angels ... Ahh Ooh